This Dreadful Hymn Of Perpetual Void

by Modern Eyes

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"This Dreadful Hymn Of Perpetual Void"


released October 27, 2016

Enginneered/Mixed/Produced/Mastered by Davis Maxwell at Niagara Fall ON Public Virgil Studios. All music written and performed by Modern Eyes, all lyrics content wrote by Jean-Philippe Lessard & Alex Voro

All visual/graphic art done by Alexandre Goulet. We would like to thank : Patrick Lalonde, Jesse Courchesne, Anthony & Chris Riopel, Dave Boucher, Bine Robusto, Alexee Valiieres, Guillaume Doré, Alex Danis, Frederic Donais, Jean-Philippe Payeur, Tommy Woods, Jonathan Pilon, Felix Leclerc, Jay Lapointe, Jeanne Piché, Mike De Sevigne, Marc-Antoine M-L, Sammy Ouazzani, John Donnelly, Pier-Alexandre-Dupuis, Camille Chartier, Karl Chamberland, Terry Dactel, Faiz Khan, Sophie Duguay, Vincent P-L, Mckean Phonsamreth / Ordeal, Patent, Eternal Sleep, AWS, Misgiver, Dwell, JSS, Soul Sucker, Sandblast, Without, At Odds, Growing Pains, Harriers, Crowdmate, TUT, Shortleash, Lost Creation, Half Truth, Damage Done, Apes, David Lynch, Shai Hulud, Broken Bounds, Soul Sucker, Apes, Northern Sound Records, MTLHC, IN print, Our families, people who bought a shirt or clicked play on a track or just showed us some support it means all the world, special thanks to everybody we forgot to add, with all love.



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Modern Eyes Montreal, Québec

Montreal Qc
Harcore/ Metalcore crust



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Track Name: 322
Brainwashing the ignorant
Nuclear warfare
Poisoning the earth
War profits earned
Living to conquer
Citizens burn
To ashes
Bringing your people to
The Slaughter
Dictators rise
Selfish mind
Hands of disgust
Track Name: Loath
There's nothing I can do
And nothing can help
Something inside of me
Eating my soul
Like a snake
Crawling inside my chest
Negative thoughts,
Regrets will never rest
Bury the truth,
Deep in the ground
Shame will drag me,
As I fall on my knees
No shelter for my mind
No Pity for myself
Pride comes before fall
I know I can’t
Be a better human being
I keep despising myself
Cause I know that
I will never change.
Never change
No shelter for my mind
No pity for myself
Pride comes before fall
I won’t be
A better human being
I keep despising myself
Cause I know that
I can’t change Cant change
Track Name: This Dreadful Hymn Of Perpetual Void
He recognises the echoes
In the lack of sound
He remember how deserted
That road was
Barefoot at midnight
I sing a dreadful hymn
Of perpetual void
Feeling holes with
Meaningless emotions,
With smiles and fake laughter
That signal to your brains
That I’m okay
You shouldn’t have to carry
The burden I left on you
My mind is filled with guilt
What an obscene thing to do
With inherent grief
I sing this dreadful hymn
Of perpetual void
I sing this dreadful hymn
Track Name: Withering
Bask in the light shown
Where the living water runs deep
Where I first saw you
Not too long after I heard
The fortune teller screaming
Back at me: Am I safe from harm?
Gloomy and I guess pessimistic
Black and blue
Perhaps this void
Isn’t hell after all
Don’t hope
It won’t dwell in me
Too brief
Don’t lengthen it now
With undue grief
Consciousness gone
Damage done
And now I mourn alone
The absence of everything
Is rather odd
In many circles
We have been
Am I safe from harm?
Too brief
Consciousness gone
Damage done
And now I mourn alone
Day after day my life
Is grey
Without feelings
I slowly decay
Track Name: Nascentes Morimur
I’ve reached
The breaking point
To understand
The course of thoughts
Distress and misfortune
Isn’t my thing
Swore to myself
The best of futures
Avidity of success
Isn’t a sin
Distress and misfortune
Life, cycle, slums, decay, ruins
Never mark my words
Of all current system
Breaking down
"Nest eggs"
Avidity of success
Is not a